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My Father’s Pen  
Fine Hand Crafted Writing Instruments From Domestic, Rare and Exotic Woods


     There are several factors that enter into the pricing of a quality writing instrument.  Material that is used is one such variable: wood, acrylics, the scarcity of the material, and the difficulty in turning and finishing the material.  Some materials require more time to finish than others.  The one single item that will affect cost the most is the plating used on the metal components.  A explanation of the various types of plating can be found below.   Considering all the variables, the cost of my quality hand-crafted writing instruments will fall within one of the following categories:
Category A: $ 40 - 60
Category B: $ 55 - 75
Category C: $ 75 - 90
Category D: $ 90 - 125
Limited Editions $ 175 - 225

"Blue Jeans" Pen

Double twist Classic American pen hand-crafted from real blue denim material which has been laminated with high temperature resins and tons of pressure.

Parker style refill, chrome plated accents.

Category B 



GOLD PLATING:  Gold plating is commonly used for quality writing instruments due to its beauty and desirability.  As with any gold plate, it does need to be protected from abrasion.  Gold plating can be made more durable depending on the method used to plate, additives to the gold, and techniques employed.  Following is an explanation of the types of gold plating used with my writing instruments:


     24kt. GOLD:  This is a heavy gold plating that has an epoxy coating applied after the plating process to enhance its durability.  Description included with the pens with this type of plating will indicate "24kt. Gold Plating".  Normally pricing will be Category A.


       24kt. UPGRADE GOLD:  Upgrade indicates that small amounts of cobalt or palladium are added to the plating chemicals to enhance the durability of the gold plating.  Pricing will generally fall within the Category B range.


      TITANIUM GOLD:  This plating method produces an extremely durable plating.  The process is called PVD (particle vapor deposition).  Titanium nitride, matched to the color of gold, is molecularly bonded to the part and then 24kt. gold is applied.  The parts are then again re-plated.  The final result is that the parts will virtually never show wear.  Pricing will usually fall within the Category C range.


      18kt. SWISS ROSE GOLD:  A truly beautiful, rich, sumptuous plating.  The color of the gold is a striking light rose color.  The plating method used is unique and only done in three places in the world.  The Rose Gold plating on my pens is done in the U.S.A. by a premier exotic plating company, and each part is done one at a time.  The color is achieved by mixing copper and gold; then, using an extremely unusual process, the 18kt. Rose Gold can be deposited in a very thick layer with extremely strong bonding to the sub-plating.  Durability is very good and way beyond most any other kind of gold plating.  Pricing will usually be within the Category C range.  At the present time, only the Classic American ball pen and fountain pen are available with Rose Gold plating.



CHROME:  This is an extremely durable plating.  Under normal use, this plating will last for many years.  Category B pricing is usual.


PLATINUM:  Esteemed in the jewelry industry as the premium precious metal, platinum plating is both beautiful and very durable.  Normal pricing is Category C.


SOLID STERLING SILVER:  The parts that would normally be plated are made from solid sterling silver (0.925), except for the clip which is done in an extremely thick silver plate to preserve clip flexibility.  A special treatment has been applied over the sterling silver to prevent tarnishing.  At the present time, only my Presentation Series, American style ball pen is available in sterling silver.  This is a truly classic writing instrument that has high quality, time tested components.   Price Category D.


Classic American style fountain pen crafted from natural buckeye burl wood with 24kt. gold plating.

Category A




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Quality hand-turned wood pens and writing instruments.