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My Father’s Pen  
Fine Hand Crafted Writing Instruments From Domestic, Rare and Exotic Woods
Sold exclusively through Bluestem Missouri Crafts

23 South Ninth Street - Columbia, Missouri

(573) 442-0211

Bluestem Missouri Crafts - "Niche Magazine" 2005 Top Retailer of American Craft

If all you want to do is sign your name, then you can buy a pen for a dollar.  However, if you really want to express your individuality, you need a unique writing instrument.  You can either pay outrageous prices for one of those imported pens made from some space age material or look at my truly one-of-a-kind works of art, made from some of the finest exotic woods and materials in the world.  And, at a price that won’t break your check book.  Custom crafted pens are the ultimate expression of individuality.  No two pens are alike, and you can truly say that you have the only one like it.

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 The materials used are selected for their uniqueness of grain and color to assure you that the item you purchase is truly a pen-turner’s work of art.   Only the highest quality hardware is chosen for your writing instrument to ensure years of quality service. 

"Woods of Missouri" Pen

Limited Edition Pen

(24 kt. Gold & Titanium. Limited Edition)

Limited to five pens, this "Woods of Missouri" puzzle pen has been hand inlayed and turned from 36 interlocking pieces made from 5 different woods native to Missouri (Hickory, Honey Locust, Maple, Oak, and Walnut).   Maple gift box, laser engraved with the Missouri quarter design, is included.

Available only through

Bluestem Missouri Crafts


Sierra Presentation Pen

Hand Crafted from Whitetail Deer Horn

Titanium Gold and Black Titanium

Uses Parker® Style Refill

Laser Engraved Deer Horn

Engraved Maple Gift Box

No deer was harmed to obtain the horn. Made from naturally shed horn.

No longer available (Sold)


Stars and Stripes "Freedom Pen" (Limited Edition)

My "Freedom Pen" rollerball is crafted from natural woods; and sterling silver, or titanium & 24 kt. gold plated hardware.  Seven stripes and fifty stars from natural curly maple veneer are inlayed by hand into the dyed maple wood barrels.  A maple presentation box, laser engraved with the Pledge of Allegiance, is included.  My hand crafted pens are available only through Bluestem Missouri Crafts.


The "Freedom Pen" with maple presentation case.

The "Grand Piano Pen" crafted from Blackwood with American Holly keyboard inlay.


     The "Grand Piano Pen", in sterling silver or titanium gold, is crafted from Blackwood* with an American Holly wood inlay.  A maple presentation case, with laser engraved Beethoven image and a musical score, is included with this hand crafted rollerball pen.  Limited edition pen.  Available only through Bluestem Missouri Crafts.

* Blackwood is used in the manufacture of clarinets and some other musical instruments.


The Puzzle Pen (Titanium Gold. Only one pen available.)

     The "Puzzle Pen" has been hand inlayed and turned from 36 interlocking pieces made from 20 different woods (African Blackwood, Afzilia Burl, Amboyna Burl, Bethlehem Olivewood, Bloodwood, Bocote, Bubinga, Camphor Burl, Cocobolo, Curly Koa, Macassar Ebony, Padauk, Pink Ivory, Purpleheart, Red Mallee Burl, Snakewood, Spalted Tamarind, Thuya Burl, Wenge, Zebrawood).  A maple presentation box with wood inlay is included.  Limited edition, only one pen available.  Available only through Bluestem Missouri Crafts.

Information Pages

About the Artist


An Explanation About Plating
Plating is a an important part of a quality writing instrument.  Here you will find information on the various types of plating that are used on my pens.


Price range and factors that influence cost.


Description of various pen styles and refill types, and how to dissemble a particular pen style to replace the refill.
A special page devoted entirely to the use and care of fountain pens.


How a hand turned pen is made:

Wood pen blanks ready for sizing and drilling.  In hands, top--Zebrawood; bottom--box elder.

Wood being hand-turned on lathe.




All images and graphics contained herein  ©Copyright 2005-2008, My Father's Pen.   All rights reserved.  Reproduction or other use without expressed written consent by My Father's Pen is prohibited.  Some images on this page courtesy of Kallenshaan Woods.

My Father's Pen - Quality hand-turned wood pens and writing instruments.