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My Father’s Pen  
Fine Hand Crafted Writing Instruments From Domestic, Rare and Exotic Woods

Pen Refill Types

Pen refills should be readily available at most office supply and general merchandise retail stores.  Below are the types that you will find in my quality hand-crafted pens.


Parker® style refill. These refills are available in many brand names in standard ball type and gel filled (lower image, gel refill).  Also available in a PDA stylus to convert any standard Parker® style pen for PDA use.  I will use a high quality German made Hauser® version of the Parker® style refill in some of my pens.


Cross® style refill.  Available in many different brand names and also in a PDA stylus.


Rollerball refill.  Above is a genuine German made Hauser® rollerball refill.  The image below is a high-quality German made Schmidt® ceramic tip rollerball refill.  The Schmidt® is one of the highest quality refills available with an ink that will not dry up quickly if the cap is left off.  However, the ink will dry quickly on paper.


A standard mini refill.  This refill will be 2 5/8 inches in length.  It is the refill used in my 2-way tech pens.


A standard fountain pen ink refill cartridge.  Also available are ink converter pumps that allow refilling the fountain pen from a ink bottle (use only an ink made especially for fountain pens).  Pumps are available in either a standard grade or the more expensive premium German made Schmidt® brand.

Dissembling a Pen to Replace a Refill


This page under construction - Instructions to be added soon.




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Quality hand-turned wood pens and writing instruments.