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My Father’s Pen  
Fine Hand Crafted Writing Instruments From Domestic, Rare and Exotic Woods



The image above is a pen that my father received in 1920.  In his book of remembrances he wrote:

Cecil Graves gave me this fountain pen as a High school graduation present in May, 1920.  She lived up the road a ways and she and I rode horseback together seven miles to school in Sturgeon (Missouri).  Sometimes we would have a horse race down main street, especially when I rode “Jim” the mule.  We kept our horses in Grandpa's barn during school hours.

My father cherished this pen all through his 100 years of life, and I now cherish it as much as he.  If my father had never received this quality pen to hand down to me, but used pens that he picked up at the five and dime, then this memory would never be.

 With this thought and inspiration, I began my adventure into quality pen making and “My Father’s Pen” was born.


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I enjoy mine so I wanted to share this.


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Quality hand-turned wood pens and writing instruments.